Built smart for better living!

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Every component of your new home is part of a complex system.

A house is more than simply a design for living. A well built home is a complex system of complementary technologies that work together to promote healthier living and a lower cost of ownership. However many home builders, in an effort to be more competitive on price, simply do not incorporate these proven methodologies into their construction.

Simply put, a properly constructed home controls the flow of heat, pressure and moisture indoors while keeping pollen, dust, pesticides, pollutants, gases, allergens and odors outdoors. The result is not only a healthier and more comfortable home to live in but also a home that is significantly less exposed to the deteriorating effects of our moist climate.

The relatively modest cost of a whole-house systems approach, about 5% to 7% of the building cost, is returned to the homeowner in actual savings after about six years. However, the value of this approach endures beyond that by providing a profitable return in the long run and a higher resale value when you move.

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