Built smart for better living!

Guaranteed Utility Cost Savings

We don't just tell you about savings. We guaranteed them!

You know your Energy Star home will costs less to heat and cool, but how much less? When you buy a Hamrick home, we guarantee your savings! With our technologically superior construction methods, we can calculate just how much you'll save, on average (at current rates). And if your actual bill exceeds our guaranteed rate, the difference is refunded to you.

For example, one 2,900 square foot Hamrick home costs an average of $35 per month to heat and cool. Another 2,600 square foot home averages $31.20 per month. When you buy a Hamrick home, we'll guarantee your energy savings, too.

Over the last 30 years, energy costs have doubled every 10 years. As the cost of kilowatt hours continues to rise, the money you save by owning a Hamrick home will continue to increase year after year.

That's just one of the way that a Hamrick home pays you back!

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