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Energy Saving Techniques

Saving energy saves you money!

Not every new home in the Triad offers proven energy saving construction techniques but every home built by Don Hamrick does. And that means your new home includes:

Advanced Framing Techniques   Very tight framing that optimizes insulation coverage and minimizes cold spots reduces the risk of condensation inside walls.

High Performance Insulation   While most new homes typically incorporate fiberglass insulation, urethane foam provides over 200% better insulating value, forms an airtight barrier and does not support mold growth inside wall cavities.

Solar Smart Windows   Windows commonly comprise 10 to 30 percent of a home's exterior wall area and account for 25 to 50 percent of heating and cooling needs. Popular designer windows, such as floor-to-ceiling windows in two-story family rooms and arched windows in two-story foyers can be terrible energy drains. Solar Smart Windows, such as double-paned, low-E2, contain multiple layers of microscopic coatings to filter the sun's energy. They are 50% better at reducing heat loss and less susceptible to condensation, providing superior comfort year round. The special glass also blocks damaging UV rays, which discolor carpets, draperies and upholstery.

Tight Construction   Air leakage is one of the most significant ways that a home loses comfort and increases heating and cooling bills. The average home loses 30% of its heated or cooled air because of air leaks. Proper caulking, gaskets and foams pay huge dividends during the life of a home. When the house is finished, the air leakage is tested with a high-tech device called a blower door.

Airtight Ducts   Leaky air conditioning ducts are also one of the largest energy wasters, with industry estimates indicating that the average residential duct system leaks as much as 30 percent. Proper sealing can reduce duct leakage to less than 5 percent. While there is no code requirement to test for duct leaks, every Hamrick home is tested to prove that ducts are effectively airtight.

Right Sized Heating and Cooling Equipment   With tight construction, air-tight ducts, improved insulation and high-performance windows, it is possible to "right-size" the home's heating and cooling equipment, which results in smaller units of lesser cost and lower energy consumption

Highly Efficient 15/16-SEER Air Conditioning Unit   Ninety percent of all the houses built in America have the least energy efficient heating system, cooling system and water heaters allowed by code. High efficiency heating and cooling equipment costs more to install but easily pays for itself by reducing your heating and cooling costs more than 30 percent.

High Performance Water Heating   With the traditional hot water tanks, you're paying to heat water 24 hours a day, even though you're not using it most of the time. Custom Homes By Hamrick offers choices in water heating technologies that save you money and still provide plenty of hot water. Among these are: tankless water heaters, solar-thermal, hybrid gas heaters and heat-pump driven water heaters.

Metland On-Demand System   Get hot water to any fixture in the house, almost instantly, using an energy-efficient system that moves a continuous supply of hot water directly where it is needed. A motion sensor in the master bath even alerts the system to potential demand, reducing delivery time further.

Pressure Balancing   Many new homes do not include HVAC returns in bedrooms, making it impossible for air to circulate freely when doors are closed. Returns in these rooms help balance pressure throughout the home, enabling air to circulate fully. In a Hamrick home, we guarantee no more than a three-degree difference from the thermostat setting in any room.

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