Built smart for better living!

EnergyStar Snav Airquality Tech Snav Utility Cost Savings

Energy Saving Techniques

Homes built to code use 40% to 60% more energy.

Energy Star homes are much more than an environmentally friendly fad. They are a smart investment that yields significant return on investment for homeowners. Best of all, the slight increase in costs to build an Energy Star labeled home are returned in two ways: through direct savings that pay for the upgrades in about five years, and through increased resale value –even after the improvements have already paid for themselves!

Custom Homes By Hamrick is not only the Triad's premiere Energy Star home builder, Don Hamrick is the first to introduce a Mold Resistant Energy Star home that is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of our damp climate. By incorporating these proven technologies into your home construction, you ensure reduced energy costs, dramatically reduced maintenance demands and a healthier, more comfortable home.

These construction techniques, often called "performance building," have typically been reserved for upper-bracket homes. Custom Homes By Hamrick has changed all that by incorporating performance building into every home we build. With energy costs doubling every 10 years, someday everyone will be building more energy efficient, healthier homes. But why wait, when Custom Homes By Hamrick can build your Mold Resistant Energy Star labeled home today!

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